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Jawbone Tennis

Whether you're looking for a racquet restring or ways to improve your game at home, we're on your team.  Start by downloading our stay-at-home racquet skills challenges below!


About Jawbone


Hi there!  I'm Karolina, the founder of Jawbone Tennis. My journey into the world of rallying, volleying, and serving began playing tennis at my local swim club in the summers and through my high school and collegiate careers, my love of the game only grew more.

During my time as a coach, I have realized that no matter how old or young you are, if there is a love and a desire to learn, then quality coaching should be accessible. I want to use my love of racquet sports and teaching through this platform to provide products and services to racquets players of all ages that will help them reach their goals on court.

Check out our racquet skills challenges, digital coaching, custom training plans, racquet stringing services, and free webinars.  Let us know how Jawbone can best help you!


Educational Webinars

Free sessions for players, parents, and students of the game of all ages.  Let us know what you'd like to learn about!


Skills Training Courses

Age-based + goal-specific video lesson series focused on particular aspects of the technical, physical, + mental games.


Virtual Coaching

Customized training plans + individual video sessions designed specifically for you to do at home with minimal gear.


Stay At Home Skills Challenge

Master our red, orange, green, or yellow ball challenges designed to build your skills from your own backyard or basement. Don't forget to share your tricks with us on social media!

Stringing Services

Whatever your stringing needs, we've got you covered.  We carry Diadem, YTEX, Luxilon, Gamma, Babolat, and Solinco polys, co-polys, and sythetics and can advise you on what would fit your playing style the best.  Quick turnaround time and our stringing loyalty program make us a great choice for your next restring.


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